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We specialize in thermal transfer printing for self-application. Sounds complicated? Nothing is more misleading! Thermal transfer is simply and colloquially speaking an iron-on label. Prints that can be pressed into any textile at home with the help of a heat press or a normal iron.

Are you dreaming of a t-shirt with a print of your own design? Then customizing your t-shirt is a great idea for you! Self-adhesive prints are very popular. They are easy to apply and allow you to put a design of your own idea, a photo or a company logo of your choice on a t-shirt. We specialize in thermal transfer prints. 

Looking for an idea for a gift? Printed t-shirts are a unique gift that will surprise your friends!

T-shirts with your own imprint as a gadget, for any occasion.

Clothing is a great way to express your personality and your business. Let your imagination run wild and realize your idea by creating a unique motif. You can also use a photo, text or graphic that you want to apply yourself. Thermal transfer printing offers you a wide range of possibilities. All you have to do is create a design, place it on your t-shirt and then enjoy its unique design. Prints made with this method are 100% ecological.

Unique gadgets with your own imprint are also useful for your child to label clothes or other items. An exceptional print will ensure that your child never comes home with an accidentally mixed up t-shirt of his friend again. Our inexpensive prints are so much fun for kids. All you have to do is create a design with your child’s favorite cartoon character, and they’re sure to keep their t-shirt for a long time.

Our applications are resistant to stretching, abrasion and washing. The iron-on designs are wash-resistant, crack-free and will not fade. They are suitable for cotton, polyester and mixed fiber garments and work with the fabric. This makes them comfortable to wear. Therefore, they are a great solution for businesses looking for inspiration for their business uniforms.

Prints for self-application – how to do it?

First you order online, wait for the courier and then install the ordered design on your clothes. Our offer includes solvent prints, screen printing transfers and sublimation prints. The design we offer is easy to apply – you can do it with the iron you have at home.

Fat Cube not only prints, but also advises and suggests new solutions.
Do you have any questions? Write to us. Use the contact form and we will be happy to answer all your questions. Orders are processed in express mode, regardless of the number of ordered products. Shipping possible from 1 piece.



How to place an order ?


How to do it?


5 Simple Steps!

Look how easy it is! You don't need specialized equipment to make the application.

You can do the actual uploading process in two ways. Professional and fast, or homemade and a few seconds longer. If you have your own business and you make a lot of applications, the heat setting process will certainly be quicker with a heat transfer press. However, if a few seconds longer is not a problem, a regular home iron will suffice.

In the video we show you how to do it at home. We prove that the process of application at home really is not complicated and time-consuming. 


We help you improve the quality of imperfect files so that they are suitable for printing.

Prints and cuts from the film.

We create solvent and sublimation prints from any graphics and cut out patterns from flex/flock foil. The finished product can be self-adhesively applied to clothing, but we are also happy to apply thermal transfers.


We advise our customers on the selection of the appropriate material and technique, as well as on the proper preparation of the files.



Do you have a question? Write to us!

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